Takashi Kumagai, who enjoys surfing and golf as much as his work, will start a new golf wear brand TANGRAM that makes use of street elements in the classic golf scene.

Tangram is an addictive puzzle game made up of square and triangle pieces, and golf is also a game that captivates people of all ages.

Furthermore, the shape of the triangle itself has an important meaning in golf, so it was chosen as the brand name. Golf has long been associated with a prestigious image, but now more and more people around the world are enjoying golf in a more casual and new style.

TANGRAM is a brand having the essence of freedom, which overturns the label of golf wear. It maintains the manners and functions of sportswear without drifting too far from your own style.

仕事の傍らサーフィンとゴルフを楽しむ熊谷隆志がゴルフシーンにクラシックでストリート要素を活かした新たなブランドTANGRAM をスタートします。