Refund policy

We cannot accept returns, returns, or exchanges.

However, we will return or exchange the product only in the following cases.

1. The content and quantity are different from the ordered product.
Please contact us within 7 days of receiving the item.We may not be able to accept returns after the product has been used, even if the product content is incorrect.

2. The product was defective (damaged, scratched, soiled)
After contacting us, we will check if there is a replacement and if there is a problem with the replacement. As soon as you return it, we will check the defective part and send you a replacement.

* Some errors may occur between the numerical values and the actual dimensions depending on the product.

* For inquiries regarding product returns or exchanges, we will only accept inquiries by email or phone.

* After the sales contract is concluded, we cannot accept any cancellation of the order due to customer's convenience.

* For overseas shipping, if you select cash on delivery and place an order, it will be canceled regardless of the content.